YES Program Guidelines

YES Program Guidelines
Effective June, 2021

The Clements Y.E.S. Program’s purpose is to connect students and community members with service opportunities requested in and by the local community.

Acceptable Y.E.S Hours

  • Volunteering MUST be at a not-for-profit organization (501c3) to be accepted as Y.E.S. hours. This means that it needs to be registered with the IRS,
    • This includes the organization or agency that represents the business sponsors of any charitable events benefitting the general community other than the business itself.
    • This also includes the service-oriented youth volunteer programs run under certain business entities such as hospitals and senior centers.
  • Please Note:
    • Verify the non-profit status with the organization before volunteering.
    • Eligibility of the organization/activity is determined by the Y.E.S. program coordinators.
  • If you are a member of an organization/club/youth program, volunteering is accepted as Y.E.S. hours only after you have met your own program requirements.
    • Accepted are: participation in events administered by your organization to benefit other non-profit organizations or the general communities.
    • Accepted are: only club sponsored drives for donations of goods/cans/books/clothes/shoes are accepted as Y.E.S. hours for at most 1 hour.
    • Not accepted are:
      • meetings;
      • practice time;
      • fund-raising for your own organizations;
      • administrative activities for your own organization;
      • planning and preparation time (i.e., preparing lessons for tutoring), etc.
    • Not accepted are: community service hours used to obtain reorganization (such as Scout Badges) or to satisfy the requirements (e.g., NHS) from the organization your belong to. I.e., no double dipping: hours may not be counted twice!
  • Baby-sitting is only an acceptable Y.E.S. volunteer activity in the following cases and upon approval of the Y.E.S. program coordinators:
    • for families with special-needs children;
    • in medical emergencies;
    • for teachers to attend a school-related function.
    • In general, baby-sitting siblings is not accepted.
  • Tutoring must be under a structured program, such as schools or community centers. Tutoring time consists of actual instruction time spent with students. Note: Tutoring at learning centers (for-profit organizations) is not accepted for Y.E.S. hours.
  • Political campaigns: working for a particular candidate will not count for Y.E.S. hour, but working in a general “get out the vote” effort that doesn’t promote one candidate or political party over the other may count for Y.E.S. hours. Working to get out the vote from a particular candidate’s office will not be included for Y.E.S. hours.
  • Blood drives: 1 donation = 1 Y.E.S. hour.
  • Participation in charity walks/runs/rides is accepted for Y.E.S. hours. 1 participation in a charity walk/run/ride = 1 Y.E.S. hour.
  • Participation in medical studies is not accepted for Y.E.S. hours.
  • Travel time to and from an event does not count. Hours may only be counted from the beginning to the end of the service.
  • Doubled or bonus hours will not be accepted.
  • Performance-oriented community service: only the performance (live or recorded), not the practice/training, is counted as Y.E.S. hours.
  • Office aide hours are not accepted as Y.E.S. hours.
  • Senior living/retirement homes: only spending time and working with seniors will be accepted. I.e., cleaning, administrative work, etc. are not accepted.
  • All hours must be signed off by a sponsoring adult. Students cannot sign off for other students.
  • Hospitals/Doctors: Volunteering at a hospital is acceptable with documentation from the hospital’s volunteer program; however, working at a doctor’s office is not, unless the doctor is donating his/her time to a free clinic.

Y.E.S. Program Requirements

  1. The required hours for recognition are 100 hours by graduation (however, the requirements have been lowered due to COVID through 2024).
  2. In order to make the recognition deadline, senior participants must submit all their Y.E.S. hours by the due day, which is typically mid April.
  3. You can continue to submit Y.E.S. hours beyond the first 100 hours. They are recorded in the system.
  4. Only 25 total summer hours can be credited to your required 100 hours for recognition.
  5. Hours completed at school during the closing and opening phases of the year will count as regular school hours, and not summer hours. Acceptable examples include: helping teachers during the last day of school, helping with freshman orientation, helping teachers set up their classrooms before the start of the school year, and helping with textbooks before the beginning of the school year.
  6. The summer hours beyond the limit of 25 are recorded as “extra hours” in the system.
  7. Up to 8 hours for any 24-hour period is accepted.
  8. If you work multiple days, weeks, or months on a particular project, provide a log of the dates and hours worked and attach it to your Y.E.S. Form.
  9. Y.E.S. hours are accepted no later than 6 months from the date of service. For ongoing activity (i.e. Generation Youth, libraries, Red Cross), the acceptable period is extended to 12 months, i.e., the oldest activity in the log/form is no more than 12 months from the date of service.
  10. The Y.E.S. form and the log must be signed by an ADULT representative of the organization you volunteer for.
  11. A form with any altered item is not accepted. A new form with proper
    signature is required.
  12. You MUST bring a copy of your form with you when you turn in your hours. The copy will be stamped and returned to you for your record.
  13. Your submitted Y.E.S. hours, upon approval, are entered in the Y.E.S. Program system. You can query for your Y.E.S. hour records online at
  14. It is the responsibility of the student to correctly complete all YES forms, and to consult the Y.E.S. Coordinators if he or she has any questions.
  15. All service hours are subject to the Y.E.S. Committee approval.

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